Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Louisville Bus Rental Costs

Wondering how much it costs to rent a charter bus in Louisville? This depends on a number of different factors, but below is a basic price table to get you started.

Bus Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Charter Bus $160 – $230 $1,620 – $2,100 $5.75 – $7.20
Minibus $145 – $200 $1,500 – $1,920 $5.00 – $7.00

*There is a 5-hour minimum for daily rentals. Daily rentals also many incur additional costs for any mile overages.

**The prices listed above are estimates. Rates will vary depending on the season and trip specifications. Read on for more information.

Louisville Charter Bus Pricing Factors

The above table is just an estimate, and exact pricing can vary based on availability and other trip details. Below are some of the factors that can influence the price of your Louisville charter bus rental:

  • Number of Passengers: The number of passengers you have determines which type of Louisville charter bus you end up renting. A minibus can accommodate anywhere from 18 to 25 passengers, while a full-size charter bus can seat up to 56 travelers. It’s important to make sure you have a finalized passenger count so that you don’t end up renting a larger bus than you need, which can end up costing you more money.
  • Distance: How far you are traveling is also an important factor to consider when pricing a Louisville charter bus rental. Based on your itinerary, your reservation specialist will quote you either by hour, mile, or day, with a five-hour minimum required for all charter bus rentals. Most local trips are rented by hour.
  • Time of Year: The demand for Louisville charter buses can be higher during certain times of the year, especially the summer months of April and June. This is due to more celebrations like graduations and weddings, and even specialty events like the annual Kentucky Derby. To ensure the best availability, try and call at least six months out from your travel dates.
  • Other Travel Factors: Other charter bus pricing factors include toll roads, parking, a 5% to 10% cash tip for your driver, and lodging for your driver if you have an overnight trip planned. A reservation specialist will break down everything that is and isn’t included in the cost of your rental and can answer any questions you may have about charter buses and their pricing.

At Louisville Charter Bus Company, we strive for transparency when it comes to our charter bus pricing. What you see is what you get, and there will be no hidden fees to trip you up down the road. Your reservation specialist will give you a complete price breakdown when you call us at (502) 586-4543 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Looking for an idea of what these prices look like in action? See below for three sample itineraries that we have provided group transportation services in Louisville for, including final cost. 

rent a charter bus to the louisville zoo

The School Field Trip to Louisville Zoo 

An AP science teacher wants to take her class and another AP science class on a trip to the Louisville Zoo to learn about conservation. With a total of 21 students in her class and 24 in the other, she needs accommodations for 45 students, two teachers, and four chaperones. She decides to rent a field trip charter bus rental, as the trip will take place during the summer and the school buses do not have A/C. She calls Louisville Charter Bus Company and is quoted for one 56-passenger charter bus rental for the day for $1,700

She gives the charter bus driver a 10% tip in cash at the end of the trip, bringing their total to $1,870 for the day, or around $37 per passenger. 

book a charter bus to the kentucky derby

The Company Outing at the Kentucky Derby

A local startup wants to surprise its sales team for an outstanding quarter where they exceeded all their sales goals. The CEO decides to book rooms in a hotel and get tickets to the Kentucky Derby for his sales team. In addition, the CEO has arranged for a luncheon, a dinner, and a few other fun outings around the city. All that’s left is to arrange for the corporate transportation, which is why he calls Louisville Charter Bus Company. He calls five months in advance to ensure the best availability and is matched with a 20-passenger charter bus for him and his 18 employees. He is quoted for the day at $1,500, pays the non-refundable deposit, and books his team’s charter bus. 

The sales team has a great time at the game, and all contribute towards a 10% cash tip of $150 for their driver. This brings the grand total to $1,650 for the day, or about $87 a person. 

book a charter bus for high school football games

The High School Football Championship

Two competing high schools are heading to the state championship. The coaches have decided to rent out hotel rooms for their team in order to strategize and prepare for the game. Next on their list is to find transportation to the big game the morning of. They decided to call Louisville Charter Bus Company in order to secure a sports team charter bus rental for their big game. They are quoted by the hour for eight hours for two full-size charter buses. One costs $200 per hour, and the other costs $190 per hour, making one bus $1,600 to rent and the other $1,520

Both teams enjoy having tailored transportation to the big game and give it their all in the game, and the coaches each give a 10% cash tip to their drivers. This brings the total for each bus rental to $1,760 and $1,672.