18 Passenger Minibus Rental

18 Passenger Minibus Rental

Avoid splitting up cars and cruise across town in a stylish Louisville minibus when you rent this option from our network. It’s perfect for small groups of all kinds, seats up to 18 passengers comfortably, and comes with amenities like WiFi, A/C, and cushioned seats.

Minibus amenities can include:

  • Plush, reclining seats
  • Air conditioning
  • PA system
  • Overhead racks for small carry-on items
  • TVs
  • WiFi

Need to get across town with a smaller group? We offer minibus rentals for weddings, corporate groups, school trips, sports teams, and more. Each minibus is driven by a professional and highly vetted charter bus driver, so you spend less time worrying about finding parking and more time enjoying the ride with your group. 

When you rent a Louisville minibus, you are booking reliable group transportation that’s tailored to your group’s specific needs and schedule. No more navigating public transportation, splitting up cars, or paying surge fees on rideshares during busy times. You can also choose the amenities you want for your minibus to ensure all your group’s travel needs are taken care of. 

To learn more about this minibus option and other bus rental options in our network, give our team a call at (502) 586-4543. We will be happy to work with you to find the right charter bus rental option in our network for you.